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PMETH Principles

Leadership Principles are fundamental business principles that everyone in business must know if he or she wants to be truly successful and even go beyond being successful to reaching one’s fullest potential.

Leadership training will take your employees to the next level by enhancing their interpersonal skills, improving communication, team participation, productivity, commitment and morale while decreasing politics and confusion.

If you've attended a PMETH Seminar and found it beneficial, please tell your friends and colleagues - and earn some cold, hard cash!

Referral Bonuses are equal to 10% of the fee collected.  Possible rates and bonuses are as follows:

Workshop Corp Rate Cash for You Individual Rate Cash for You
Two-Day $ 3,000 $ 300 $ 185 $ 19
One-Day $ 1,500 $ 150 $  95 $ 10
Four-Hour $    750 $   75 $  45 $   5
Two-Hour $    375 $   38 $  25 $   3

*Rates subject to change but bonus will always be 10% of fee collected.   

  Bonus payout based on actual fee collected as rates are subject to change. 

  Bonus will be paid upon receipt of fee.


Earn extra money by:

  Getting your company to hold one of the PMETH Workshops  $$$

  Getting a colleague to hold a PMETH Workshop at their company $$$

  Signing up for a Public PMETH Workshop and bringing a friend with you

  Referring a friend or colleague to one of the Public PMETH Workshops

    $$$ Highest Earnings Potential

Earning potential for individuals is significant.  Please contact Lisa for more information.

People Make Extraordinary Things Happen


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Important Note



 Lisa L. Catlin, CPA

PO Box 15925

Pittsburgh, PA 15244






“You build better companies by building better people.” 

           Zig Ziglar

“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Coach John Wooden



Build better companies by building better people by helping them become their best!

Contact Lisa Today!

People Make Extraordinary Things Happen!

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